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Design Award for Light and Lighting 2013

The Design Award for Light and Lighting provides an opportunity for public recognition of an excellent project which are distinguished design with unique ingenuity by the use of light as material.

1. Projects
The award shall belong to the category of (1)~(3) for what was carried out in and outside with the work excellent in lighting designs by light,such as production of space and environment,and design of a light source and an instrument.
(1)Architectural, environmental and art works using light
Architectural and CG considering lighting effects, not only permanent but also temporary installation
(2)Environment and facility planned in excellent design utilizing energy
Lighting plan or method or day lighting based on saving-energy
(3)Lighting fixtures in a fine balance with function, performance, form, and color, and well designed
Developments of lighting fixtures brilliant in design and performance such as luminous distribution, efficiency and form
2. Conditions for application
  • The project must be completed and disclosed to the public in the period from January 1st 2011 to December 31st 2012.
  • Applicants must obtain permission of the entry from the persons associated in the project before the application.
  • entry never infringe any patents, design rights, and intellectual property right.
  • An entry by individual or group is accepted.
  • IEIJ member or nonmember can apply for the award. However on commendation ceremony at least one recipient should be a member of IEIJ.
  • Any works completed inside and outside of Japan are available.
  • The awarded projects will be announced in the journal and on the home page of the IEIJ and shall be presented at an annual conference of the IEIJ.
  • All materials, including photographs, will becomes the property of the IEIJ. The IEIJ will have reproduction privileges of them without permission of applicants. Please notify us if you require a credit.
  • However, even if an entry is a foreign thing, it meets to the environmental protection relation rules made in Japan as well as a domestic thing.
3. Commendation
  • The commendation by this award may be less than one affair according to each category. A commendation will not be held in the case of no awards.
  • Some projects might be given the incentive award which is worth of it.
4. Application procedure
  • An application form is available to download at the bottom of this section.
  • Additional documents for the project should be in A4-size with up to 3 sheets. Images less than 10 must be pasted 4 images each on page in Word or Power Point format. All images in original data should be put in a separate folder in case of lowering the quality. Please refer to the table below about the size of image.
  • As additional information the video less than 3 minutes is accepted.
  • Please submit all application documents by CD-ROM or DVD listed the project name with plastic package and also the hard copy.
  • Please enclose a copy of brochure of the affiliation the applicants belong to.
  • All application documents will not be returned to an applicant.

Download (MS-word file:40KB)

5. Judging
  • The projects are judged in terms of originality, progressivity, emotivity, durability, sociality and economy.
  • A Judging committee is set up in the IEIJ and judges against specific criteria.
  • Judges, Tenji Wake,Yasusuke Miyaji, Setsuko Ando, Koichi Kaiho, Motoya Takami, Shigeo Kobayashi, Reiko Chikada, Tadashi Doi, Yasuyuki Tomita, Jun Matsumoto, Etsuko Mochizuki, Tetsuo Yamaya , and Hiroshi Kansaku
6. Closing date for application
  • Tuesday, January 31, 2013
  • Please send by registered mail. E-mail is not acceptable.
Mailing address and contact information
“Design Award for Light and Lighting” The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan (SHOUMEI GAKKAI) Suitaya Building 3F,2-8-4, Kandatsukasamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,101-0048, Japan FAX (+81)3-5294-0102 aiding(at)ieij.or.jp (change "(at)" into "@")
8. Notice to recipients
The end of April, 2013
9. Commendation ceremony
The presentation will be held in conjunction with the annual conference of the IEIJ on September 2013 at Nagoya University. Recipients may be asked a speech at the conference.

Size guide of images

Pixels Resolution Printing size (300dpi) Size
300,000 640×480 4.64cm×3.48cm 0.18MB
1,300,000 1280×960 9.29cm×6.97cm 0.64MB
2,000,000 1600×1200 11.61cm×8.71cm 0.8MB
3,000,000 2048×1536 14.86cm×11.15cm 1.3MB
4,000,000 2400×1800 17.42cm×13.06cm 1.8MB